New items in Jamaa?!

Non-Rare Gazelle horns have officially made their second appearance in stores! This angered many Jammers due to their extreme rareness. Get your own for 250 gems, for members only. A new item called the soccer ball hat was also added listed for 750 gems. I believe this was added because of the world cup that is currently going on (sorry if I said that wrong, I am not a soccer fan). Anyway have fun with your new items!


-Flora ◕‿◕


Maleficent Movie Review

It is very hard to give this movie a full review without spoiling it. I want to start off by saying if Maleficent is still in the theaters when you are reading this, go watch it. You wont regret it! I give this movie 5 stars right off the bat. This movie takes an approach like wicked, backing up the villain, but also saying that she did do some evil things. I really recommend this movie for ages 7-100, I love it!

PS: The acting, graphics, and costume makeup are wonderful!

-Flora ◕‿◕

Welcome to Flora’s Cafe!

Hello everyone, my name is Flora! Here at my cafe I will post movie and book reviews, video game tips (I specialize in Animal Jam and minecraft), fanfictions, and all things My Little Pony FIM. Be sure to follow me for everything listed above. You can meet up with me through Animal Jam, my username is CelestiaRings. Please follow as well!

Thank you so much!

-Flora ◕‿◕


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