Spoiler free Divergent series review

I recently picked up the Divergent novel that was collecting dust on my shelf. Once I was 5 pages in, I was hooked. I finished the novel in 2 days give or take, and moved on to Insurgent (again I flew through it). Towards the end of the Allegent book I decided to put it down for a week because it was pretty much an information overload. Around this time the ending was spoiled for me. I will worn you now, you will most likely cry. The ending is very sad and even angered most readers. Personally I liked the ending and I thought it had great moral, but many people thought VR was just stuck on the way she wanted it to end. My favorite book out of the series would have to be the first book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Dystopian literature, romance novels, and general action. Overall this series gets four and a half stars, I would have given it five but that is just such a high title. Plus the pacing could have been better.

Divergent: Five stars

Insurgent: Four and a half stars

Allegant: Four and a half stars

Thank you so much for Reading!

-Flora ◕‿◕