Clique Review

The Clique is a novel about a bunch of snotty & rich girls who go to a all girls school. A new girl (Kuh-lare) comes to their school on a scholarship, oh and don’t forget she lives in the main mean girls guest house! Then all four of the mean girls are very mean to her. Then the book series actually gets quite good… I want to go spoiler free but I must say my favorite one so far is Dial L for Loser, I love Kuh-lare in this book. There are 15 books total… I have not finished all of them… but I wanted to get this review out. Because there are so many books I will rate the series as a whole: Three and a half stars. The writing isn’t the best and the girls are such brats. Remind me why I like this series? PS: The first book has a great ending 😉


-Flora ◕‿◕