Is the Forgotten Desert a bad thing?

Have you seen all the new rares popping up in Jamaa? I spotted 4 headdresses in coral canyons, and lots and lots of betas on rare jammers, who also had high adventure levels on eagles…hummm…What can this mean? This means all the new rares spotted around Jamaa are due to the Forgotten Desert. Well, that’s a good thing right? People have been saying scamming will stop…NO it will just continue! Scammers are lazy, which means they rely on what other do to take care of them, they also rely on other people for their rares.There are just more people with rares to scam. For individual players this is great they will be rare, but rares as a whole are being reproduced in a way THAT WERE NOT MEANT TO BE PRODUCED IN. If this adventure is constantly over-played there will no longer be rares! I do love getting rares, and I am guilty myself of playing the adventure over and over. But I think AJHQ messed up with this one, they destroyed all purposes of rares! Now that I am done ranting, I will continue playing this game, because me boycotting the adventure wont do any good. The damage is done. 😦  Now lets look back to the BETA days ❤

NM swords, beards, gloves, and who knew capes and leaf bands used to be BETA.

Skullies! Top Hats! Rumor has it skullies were completely wiped from the game because the looked inappropriate on pandas.

This isn’t BETA but coral canyons, mount shiver, all the underwater towns, “the outback” and appondale didn’t even exist back then! I was here,for a few of the newer ones coming in…

Anyway I ❤ ya’ll for listenning to me rant…

-Flora ◕‿◕