Rare Worns Return to Jamaa!

This weeks Rare item monday is a BABY BLUE RARE WORN! Worns will be seen all over Jamaa, on member and non members. You can purchase your worn only today for 200 gems! Untitl111


Check Out Flora’s Real Cafe!

Here is Flora’s real kitchen!


Flora’s waiting room.

waiting room

Floras tea table. Eat with owl-liscous and phantoms!

dinig area

The dining room-


The patio!



If you wwant to you can send me mail for a mailtime video at CelestiaRings on AJ if I get 20 gifts I will do a give away!

Luve yooh!

-Flora ◕‿◕


Flora stood on the rocky mountain. A single tear skidded down her cheek as she stared into the distance. Her home was in flames: all the buildings, all the crops, and all of her family except her two sisters, Juniper and Lucky. She was the oldest. It was simple. She had to take care of them.

Juniper was almost five years old. She was small, unexperienced, and scared. Lucky was only six months old and a heavy sleeper. Flora herself was seven and as helpless as Juniper.

She was frighted by the thought that the phantoms destroyed her family and home. Why? The question echoed in her mind. Why? They had to have had a reason. The question puzzled her and mad her face twist with confusion. Her confusion turned into a face of pure anger. Why? Why? Why?! Tears were pouring down her cheeks and she growled.

Juniper’s paw made a bouncing sound as she made her way up on the mountain. “L-lucky is further down the mountain, safe and sound. I made her a basket out of the leaves and twigs. So you can car-” She stopped. Juniper sniffed and blinked water out of her eyes. Flora could tell she was holding back her tears for her sake. If Juniper spoke she would start to bawl and it would snowball from there.

Flora kissed her on the forehead. “Thank you dear, I will be down in a minute.” Her voice quivered on her last word.

Juniper’s attitude towards this situation was very mature, considering they were now homeless, starving orphans. Juniper mumbled words Flora couldn’t catch she ran back down the mountain to check on Lucky.

Flora didn’t know what to do, she decided to just stop staring out into the distance and help her sisters. They needed to get away from this area before the phantoms came back. The thought it was heartbreaking, to leave and never come back. Flora tore her eyes from her home and ran down the mountain. She she slipped and stumbled, her foot hit a sharpened rock and ended up tumbled down the rest of the way.

Juniper yelped. “Ohmygoodness! Are you okay?” Junipers fur was wet with tears and she looked like she just got hit by a stampede.

Flora had grass mixed in with her coat and dirt on her silver fur. She stood back up on all fours and shook, “Yeah, just taking a shortcut.”

“Oh…Wait, were you serious?”

“No honey, I tripped. Mira knows were we will go now.”

Flora looked over what had survived the fire. They had plenty of food, peaches, pears, apples, an assortment of fish and some vegetables. They had also grabbed a few blankets and two simple weapons that Flora didn’t tell juniper about.

She rummaged through the bag and found a bluish silver glove. The glove had a few retractable spikes and sharp claws on the end. Flora slid the glove over her paw and retracted the spikes.

Flora didn’t like to admit it, but she knew how to use them. She just didn’t want to. As far as she knew, phantoms acted like animals, so in her book they were animals. She didn’t want to hurt animals; in fact, she loved them. But after this mess they were not animals. They were monsters.

Flora added a lid to the basket Juniper made for Lucky.  She slung the basket on her shoulders and the other bags over Juniper’s back. Juniper wobbled under the weight of the food and iron sword. Flora grabbed the heaviest bag off of junipers back and flopped it onto her back.

“Thanks, Flora,” she said in a relieved tone.

“Okay lets go away from the town, so we should go north.”

Juniper slowly trailed behind Flora as they left their hideout. Juniper was only five- but this really forced her to act Flora’s age. Speaking of forcing animals to grow up Flora feet like She had been forced to become a 28 year old mother, taking care of her pups. She had always been mature, but this was different. Her Mom said “She was a wise woman trapped in a young girls body.”

“Ugh. Flora where are we going?” groaned juniper. She was not very strong so the mile they walked seemed like a marathon to her.

“Like I said, we are going away from the town, we need to find a place to stay. Once we do that we can contact oth-,” she paused, she just realized they had no other living relatives ,”I mean the alpha wolf, Greely.”

“Oh, I thought we might go to the warrior’s camp.”

She stopped, how in Jamaa did she know about that? Flora thought “Where did you even here about the warrior’s camp?” Flora turned around and sat. Juniper sat down and pulled of her bags.

“EW!” Juniper yelled and pointed her paw at the ground.

“What now? I have had a long day and I don’t want to-”

“It is this weird slimy goop! Wait…”

Flora screamed then quickly covered her mouth with her paw “Th-Thats phantom goop!

Sorry if there are any typos! Next part will be out in 2 weeks to 2 months! This one was super short!

-Flora ◕‿◕


Is the Forgotten Desert a bad thing?

Have you seen all the new rares popping up in Jamaa? I spotted 4 headdresses in coral canyons, and lots and lots of betas on rare jammers, who also had high adventure levels on eagles…hummm…What can this mean? This means all the new rares spotted around Jamaa are due to the Forgotten Desert. Well, that’s a good thing right? People have been saying scamming will stop…NO it will just continue! Scammers are lazy, which means they rely on what other do to take care of them, they also rely on other people for their rares.There are just more people with rares to scam. For individual players this is great they will be rare, but rares as a whole are being reproduced in a way THAT WERE NOT MEANT TO BE PRODUCED IN. If this adventure is constantly over-played there will no longer be rares! I do love getting rares, and I am guilty myself of playing the adventure over and over. But I think AJHQ messed up with this one, they destroyed all purposes of rares! Now that I am done ranting, I will continue playing this game, because me boycotting the adventure wont do any good. The damage is done. 😦  Now lets look back to the BETA days ❤

NM swords, beards, gloves, and who knew capes and leaf bands used to be BETA.

Skullies! Top Hats! Rumor has it skullies were completely wiped from the game because the looked inappropriate on pandas.

This isn’t BETA but coral canyons, mount shiver, all the underwater towns, “the outback” and appondale didn’t even exist back then! I was here,for a few of the newer ones coming in…

Anyway I ❤ ya’ll for listenning to me rant…

-Flora ◕‿◕

Flora’s Tune

This week I have 2 tunes for you!

I recommend Calvin Harris’s “Summer” for a fun, upbeat, party song. If you are going to Google this song please find the lyric video, NOT the music video. My personal favorite part of the song is the music in the background, mostly the beginning and the build up. I give this song: 3 and 1/2 stars (I am hard to please.)

Next a quiet, lullaby sounding song: Adam young’s “Sailboats” this song was when he was in Sky sailing NOT owl city. Adam Young is my all time favorite artist, he can do many different styles of songs. So, be warned many of Flora’s Tunes will be Adam Young songs. This song has great piano instrumental, and poetic lyrics (as most of his songs do). I love the song as whole, but my favorite parts are “Scuba diver in the lock, Speedboat driver on the dock, Sailplane pilot in the blue take me up there with you, the world looks brighter from this high altitude.” “Take the car on the lawn, Fly the jet to the sun, And bring the spacecraft, ‘n soon while I play chess with the moon, I feel like sleeping through this cold afternoon.” “There are sailboats throughout this brilliant sky, But you cannot pick them out if you can’t fly, I’m glad the Earth doesn’t care, If I go up there,If you want to just ask me and I will take you along…” The song doesn’t actually go like that! I can’t just pick one part it is so great. Sailboats gets: 5 stars. Amazing song.


Please go check these two songs out!

-Flora ◕‿◕

Clique Review

The Clique is a novel about a bunch of snotty & rich girls who go to a all girls school. A new girl (Kuh-lare) comes to their school on a scholarship, oh and don’t forget she lives in the main mean girls guest house! Then all four of the mean girls are very mean to her. Then the book series actually gets quite good… I want to go spoiler free but I must say my favorite one so far is Dial L for Loser, I love Kuh-lare in this book. There are 15 books total… I have not finished all of them… but I wanted to get this review out. Because there are so many books I will rate the series as a whole: Three and a half stars. The writing isn’t the best and the girls are such brats. Remind me why I like this series? PS: The first book has a great ending 😉


-Flora ◕‿◕